Transferware Buying Tips

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When you make a choice as far as color or maybe you will be choosing to buy any number of these colors or maybe you want a mix but when you go to purchase a piece of transferware. I highly recommend that you buy the best piece you can buy in the price range that you can afford. That is to buy a piece that has no chips as little as discoloration as you can find this one as you can see it has crackling on the back side. A fair amount of that like this is okay the more you have the less likely I would be to buy it but this does have a fair amount but it doesn't discolor the front of the plate. So I would say try to buy a clear and clean plates without any chips or cracks clean on the back these are just stilt marks where they were made in the kilm so it's not this is not detriment to your plate and buying it. This is a very nice example and it's hard to find you can see little plate marks where they we cutting on there plate cause they actually used these plates. So you will see a certain amount of cutting on the plate which is acceptable but an over amount you want to use in cutting and chipping on the front of the plate is not desirable. So I would stay away from purchasing anything like that but this is a pretty clear with some discoloration but unacceptable plate to buy that's to really hold its value. It doesn't mean you can't buy a shelf piece which are pieces that have chips or breaks but are nice pieces to display. There not going to hold there value and they won't be as much they won't be as expensive purchase either so as long as it relative to what your buying if it's chipped and you want to use it for shelf display but retail wise you won't get money out of the piece. But you will enjoy it on your shelf so when your making those choices try to buy a piece with the condition as good as you can buy it. Clean perfectly clean I would say the thing you strive for but in these old pieces that date back in the 1830's your going to find that they have flaws to some degree so your not going to find a perfect piece. But minimize the flaws will maximize the return so that's my suggestion when you go to purchase a piece.