Removing Extra Grout From Stepping Stones

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Using a sponge and water, learn how to remove excess grout from your mosaic stepping stone project in this free garden craft video from a mosaic artist. View Video Transcript

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I'm Cooie Grey-Lavin, and in this clip I'm going to show you how to get the excess grout off your mosaic stepping stone. As you can see we've covered the whole mosaic piece with grout and we're letting it dry. If I touch it with my finger, it comes off dry, there's nothing sticking to it which means the grout's ready to be worked. There's a couple different ways to do it. I still use a glove, and I take an old cloth, an old teeshirt, and again, very gently in that circular motion, I start out very gently and work harder and harder. I'm getting rid of the grout, the layer of grout, the top layer. You might need to have more than one piece of cloth, as this one gets dirty get a bigger piece. Circular motion, while we're cleaning, we're still pushing the grout down between the tiles and making it firmly packed. This, what we're doing right now, helps with that process. And I'm going to get a bigger cloth. Now I'm going to press just a little firmer, a little bit bigger circles, try to individually clean off the pieces without knocking the grout out from in between them. At this point most of the tiles are cleaned off, but our grout is not totally smooth, so we're going to take a sponge and some clean water, and we're going to smooth out the grout in between the tiles themselves. Using an old teeshirt, work in small circular motions, applying a little bit more pressure to remove any excess grout.