How to Do the Final Pressing of a Table Runner: Part 2

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Hi I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village. Now don't use an antique book like a Webster's dictionary from like the 1940's that's worth a million dollars. Just take a book without any kind of plastic covering and put it on top because what it's gonna do as you see here look how nice and flat it makes this edge it makes it so, so professional and so clean looking and really it just takes any of the guess work out of the ironing and the final finish. Okay, what you to do is you want to do that through the whole table runner. It will take you like a minute, a minute and a half and it's well worth it because you only need to do it once you don't need to do it every single time you iron. So you just keep going and and make sure that all your threads are cut which they probably are and take a book and use it to good use not only can you read it you can use it for a pressing utensil just make sure it's a nice thick heavy book. Now were gonna come back with the final touches of what you can do to personalize your table runner and kind of jazz it up.