How to Plant & Grow Ice Plant (Lampranthus)

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Planting and growing ice plant, also known as lampranthus, makes a great ground cover with bright purple flowers. Grow ice plant with tips from a professional gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from and we're going to learn all about the ice plant and how to grow ice plant or Lampranthus. It's a beautiful plant from South Africa. Lampranthus or ice plant is called ice plant because if you notice, the growth looks just like little icicles. They look like icicles hanging down. They're really, really pretty and they make a beautiful ground cover. And I love their bright purple flowers. I remember the first time I went to San Diego. I got off the airplane and they were everywhere on the side of the road just bright pink carpets of color. And it was just gorgeous. And apparently they are invasive now and they're becoming a problem down there, so they can become invasive in lots of different areas. So you kind of have to be careful with them. But I love them in areas of full, hot sun, around rocks, someplace where they can really grow and you can keep control of them as they multiply because they will take over this whole bed if I let them in the next fifty years. I love them. It's easy to grow them. They pretty much don't need you as long as you put them in another spot and as long as I just dig up a couple starts. And they're very easy to grow. And really all you need is a couple pieces. You don't even have to have many roots because I've noticed with them wherever they connect, wherever all the pieces connect, there's a tiny root or a pub. But saying that, I just put little pieces on the ground and put some dirt on top of them and they'll sprout right out of that. So you can try to actually take a perfect root, or what I've done pretty much with this bed is I've just, I've just kind of made a little trough, set them in there and then just kind of let a couple of them come out of the ground and cover the rest up. And what happens is these others will make roots. And you can try with roots, but even little pieces. Even though it was just like a handful of starts, it didn't look like much. I just put them in the ground and made three more starts out of it. It's that easy.