Color Variations in Transferware Pieces

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When your looking at tranferware there's a variety of choices you can make in collecting its a choice you make to find mostly on color the transferware that you see here from the 1840 and 50's is a heavy transfer with glaze. A shiny glaze over it marked in the back typically marked on the back with the name of district it was made in. So your choices are we start with the early flow blue which is made around the 1820's and then which is a very popular choice and a lot of people like to collect. Then you have the light blue another choice depending on what you prefer not as expensive to collect. Then we have the Mulberry which is actually made from a mulberry bush the mulberries that crushed in and then used to create this color and there's a wide range from mulberry. So this is another choice on color that you can choose and then we have this brown transfer which is another highly collectible color that people like. So it comes in a variety of shades and colors then we also have here red transfer which is produced in mid 1800's also. And there's green transfer which I don't happen to have it at the moment to show you but its a true color green. Those are the choices that you have in transferware when collecting.