How to Become a Floral Designer

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In order to become a floral designer, the first place to start is the Internet, where floral design schools and classes can be researched. Get a part-time job with a local florist with help from a florist in this free video on flowers and floral... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Karen Rodowicz, owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to help you on how to become a floral designer. The easiest way to look into that is some local floral design schools in your area. If there's nothing in your area, you can try to look for some classes online. The other things to do is maybe volunteer or get a part time job with your local florist especially during the holiday seasons when they need that extra help. You can start off and become a driver eventually they'll have you go and pick up some flowers. You can learn the different type of flowers that are out there. You'll learn how to coordinate different types of colors and flowers together. The other thing by watching floral designers. You'll learn what flowers work well together. What are more delicate? Which flowers are straight stems? Which are droopy stems? These are some of the things you need to learn when you are a floral designer and these are some of the things can be picked up while helping out at the local florist. Give it some time and practice. Try out some arrangements and you too can become a floral designer. Once again, I hope this was helpful Karen Rodowicz JK Flowers.