How to Do the Final Pressing of a Table Runner

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Hi I am Terri Turc of Expert Village and we are on the final step of our no sew table runner. Now if you blink you missed it because it was so quick and so easy but our final step is we had to put that stitch witchery in. We have nice finished edges. People can turn your table runner inside out and they will think you are the seamstress of the year. What you really need to do is give it a final pressing on the right side because the whole time we were working on the wrong side because we were turning over those edges and doing the stitch witchery and really doing the finishing touches. To really make it complete you have got to press on the right side. Now if you are thinking why are we even showing a video on pressing but there is an extra little step that most people do not know about. You can press with an iron and the weight of an iron is really, really helpful. To make this look super professional you want to take a really heavy book and when you press, and before it even cools down you lay down a book.