Creating the Proper Environment for Your Orchid

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Orchid Care Tips: Learn how to create the right environment for your orchid plant in this free video guide to caring for an orchid. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Gail on behalf of and in this clip I will be showing you how to pot an orchid. There are many types of orchids and one of the first things to consider when buying an orchid is do you have conditions and the environment to suit that plant. Do you have a green house, do you grow in windows, and do you have sun or a lot of shade. Personally I buy what I like and I make the conditions to suit that plant. That can be a lot of extra work but I am happy with the results and in this instance, I am going to be repotting a dendrobium orchid, it’s an antelope type, and the reason they call it that is it does have little twists in the petals that resemble the horns of an antelope. This is a very popular orchid. You will see a lot of these along with the melanopsis orchid at Home Depot, Lowe’s, your supermarket and they do very well in the home environment.