Prices of Transferware Pieces

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This is another piece of flow blue that this is a oragon pattern and this plate has a little bit of a line in here it has discoloration but this plate is still goes for $75, even in the condition it's in. So that's the flow blue we covered now in the red transfer the early red transfer in good condition is very desirable this cup will range around 55-$65 range, the cup and saucer and the handle is cup and saucer. That's the earlier one you can find some unusual piece like this, this is just a hot plate the condition isn't the best but it's a little unusual, the shape is kind of interesting. So this one ranges around $55 range it has little horse huffs that are holding them up so that's kind of interesting but, the plates can be a variety of ranges anywhere from 25-$200 for plates in the red transfer. Depending on the scene is the variety and the condition, moving on to the mulberry, mulberry ranges somewhere of the teapots in good condition you can expect to pay somewhere in the $200 range. Higher or lower depending on the condition it's really hard to find a really in tact a very nicely pot like this that has no discoloration, no chips it's a wonderful pot. So this will probably cost about $250 and this sugar bowls there ranges in very good condition like this one is some discoloration but no cracks or chips. The line on the sides of the handle this sugar bowl in mulberry is around $125 range so, this large pitcher has some crackle and glazing problems here but it has a crack on the handle. It is not in very good condition it would probably range around $60 range, just because of the condition if it was in better condition it would probably double that value.