Making a Straight Edge Hem on a Table Runner

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Using an iron, create a straight edge for finishing on a table runner, learn how with expert tips and advice on interior design in this free video clip on home decorating. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village and don't be afraid unless it's a knit which I don't know if anybody would make a knit table runner so that shouldn't be a problem, it shouldn't stretch for you but you see you get a really good finish and you don't even have to sew. So as you see I just keep pulling the fabric so it's a really straight edge and notice that the hem is pretty much equal distance all the way down, it's the same length all the way down and that's what you always want you always want it to look uniform so it looks professional. Okay, so you just keep ironing that and then you're probably wondering at this point well how is that going to stay in place? Well when we come back I'm gonna show you how to use that favorite product of mine called stitch witchery. Not only does this give you a really great steam sauna kind of like a facial and a work project all in one but we're going to show you how to use stitch witchery and fuse this and have it complete in just a matter of minutes so don't go away cause stitch witchery's right around the corner.