How to Display your Transferware Collection

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Displaying your collection can be done in a number of different ways I'm mean it isn't a thing that you would choose yourself how to display. But when you define your collection and you decide that you want to go with brown transfer or mulberry showing them in a cupboard in a massive amount or a cluster of the same color is very impressive. So for myself I like to display all my mulberry collection together and all my transfer brown together and with that sometimes I display glassware of the same period. Dishes or porcelain of the same period but in the same color range but thats completely up to you whatever you decide you can display a teapot with your cups and saucers together. Then other dish wares separately people decide some people like to hang there collections on there wall plates are a great way to display a collection and they can choose there collection by the color of there room. If someone has a blue room and wants to display great use of color would be choosing to collect flow blue or historical blue which adds a lot of color to your room. You can do the same thing with mulberry using the black and white on that type of a theme so choosing your colors with your collection and coordinating them with your houses. Is a great way to decorate and collect and have fun with it there is no set way to decorate your transferware and some people choose to use it. If you do choose to use your teapots or your cups or saucers I highly recommend that you don't put them in a dishwasher and wash them by hand carefully, thats one suggestion that I have or using or transferware.