How to Finish the Edge of a Table Runner with Stitch Witchery

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Hi I am Terri Turco with Expert Village and we are finishing up our table top with no sew. We never touched the machine can you believe it and we have almost got it done. It is our last flap that we have got to turn over. As you see it is still a raw edge. We have a number of different choices. We could simply turn it over and call it a day or we could triangle the corner with this type of mitering and turn over which we did on the other edge and fuse it down, or we could turn it completely under, miter the corner and fuse it down. There are so many decisions, so many was to go. You go with what is easiest. What we are going to do is first press it before we add the Stitch Witchery because we are going to miter our corners. It just makes it so you do not see the raw edges and the raw edges are actually fun on this one because they look like some kind of fringe. First take your iron and just iron it down. Then what we are going to do and this is the tricky part is you are going to pull the edge back up and triangle the corner. All you did is put it down and I always press before we go on to the next thing.