How to Choose a Transferware Pattern

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Choosing a pattern after you've looked through your resource books and you decide possible what color you like to collect and transferware then you might want to further define your collection by picking out a pattern. Each pattern is very different it goes from the range of flowerer which you can see in this teapot here which is mostly flowerer. To historical scenes that you see in this teapot which is very pretty combining with flowerer and different colors and then you'll also see a range in oriental designs. You'll see temple designs here in an outer boarder theres a variety of choices that you can make when you decide to choose a pattern. Some patterns are more desirable some are more difficult to find you'll find that once you start to look at the patterns and look and see what's out there that there may be more difficult to acquire a certain pattern than another. I know for instance in the mulberry if you decide to collect something like this Washington base pattern or a Korean is very popular and there is an awful lot of it out there. So you can find it, it might make it a little bit easier and more fun if you collect a pattern that's easier to find unless your very patient and you want to work at finding a pattern that's a little more difficult. This is a great pattern to start with this is an oragon pattern which you can find there's many different choices for most, then the names go on and on. But you can take a look in your reference book and see what patterns you really find appealing and from there find out how available they are and what kind of a price range. That will help dictate what pattern you finally decide to collect.