Stabilizing the Orchid Plant in the Pot & Tips for Orchid Care

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Stabilize your orchid plant in its pot in this free online guide for beginners on caring for an orchid. View Video Transcript

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Now to stabilize this plant, we are going to be using pot clips and I would normally put this across but it seems to do a better job by putting it on the angle here. I think I will even use a second one; maybe criss-cross it and maybe just put one over around this side and just try different angles and see what works the best with stabilizing. You might want to put one right through the plant, through the middle there and now because we have such a large cane here plus the flowers, I am going to put in this bamboo stick and try to stabilize that because everything is so new, it will stick itself; might not stay in there tightly. I think first I will tie it to the stick above one of the bamboo nodes so that the twisty tie doesn’t slide down and then I will take it around the plant, fasten it not too tightly because you don’t want to cut into the plant tissue. So now, since it is still top heavy I am going to stabilize it further by placing it into a larger clay pot.