What are Azaleas?

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Jose Zuniga, I am a professional gardener. Today I am representing expertvillage.com. We are going to be talking about Azalea today. It is a fantastic shrub, comes in numerous colors, so that you will be able to enjoy throughout the year. They tend to do well in all the seasons. In the winter, we will be able to enjoy the large evergreen leaves. In the summer, my god, the parade of flowers every where! Azaleas are very well known to be acid lovers. We will discuss that later. One more thing, they tend to be more productive and to spread like there is no tomorrow in mind humid climate. Sorry, Ms. Surry, this plant is not for your area. Today we are also going to discuss step by step where to purchase Azalea’s, how to maintain Azalea’s and also how to enjoy them throughout the year. So by the time that we wrap it up, you will be an expert just like me. So let’s plant another Azalea today.