How to Care for your Transferware

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Now that you acquire this large collection of transferware and maybe at one point you might decide you want to put this away or store it. A good idea is to pack this not in newspaper but in some kind of acarve paper or paper that is cloth or a soft cloth. Keep it in a dry area where there's not to much moisture and it doesn't get to hot or to cold. So that would be my recommendation for storing some of this way. As far as using it if you decide to use a coffee pot or a teapot I highly recommend that you don't put really hot boiling water in because I've been told by a number of people who's done that in these old pots, that they will crack from the extreme heat that we have today. So I'd be a bit careful about pouring hot water into the pots and make sure it's not to hot and as far as cleaning the pots I would recommend just a mild soap and water. Make sure that your pot is dry before you put it back on your shelf those are some of the recommendations and just do not put your transferware into a dish washer. The heat is not good for it and a lot of these pots are pourious and dry I can tell you from my experience just using a cup plate I would not recommend putting a candle or anything like that into using it into a piece of transferware like that. Because the dye from the candle will leach right into your plate because these plates get dried and pourious so be careful what you put on these things and leave on for a long period of time. Even something as simple as beats very strong beats in here can leach into one of these plates if there very dry and the glaze is cracked on them and broken down. The moisture will get right underneath it and that beat will dye it right out so be careful not to stain your plates with certain types of foods that you can see that are very strong in color. Just a little preventive measure to be able to use these for a long time and not dicolor them.