Small Bark & Tips on How to Care for an Orchid Plant

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Learn orchid potting soil tips like using bark for good water drainage in this free caring for an orchid video. View Video Transcript

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I am going to be using a smaller fir bark and this is just straight fir bark. You can see the difference between this and what was thrown on the top of the larger pot when I purchased it. You can just see; this is a tremendous difference in size. Those pieces are too big for these roots. I think it would be too much stress on the plant to work its way around them. So we will take a few pieces and just put them on the bottom over the Styrofoam but again I am not going to build it up too high yet because my pot is a little shallow so we are going to ease the roots in. I am going to put the oldest part of the plant towards the rim. Since the plant will be growing outward, this will give it room to grow for one, two or maybe three years before it needs to be repotted again. So I want to put this oldest growth closest as I can without smashing the roots to this edge and then the plant has all this room to grow.