Different Conditions for Pricing Transferware

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This is a small gravy, some discoloration in the glaze and the small line on the top of the cover and a little chip. This is in a 75-$100 range, so the plates vary in price anywhere from this plate is priced at $55. This is a Washington pattern I think the Washington base pattern, and this one ranges in the $75 range and very good shape. The cups and saucers, the handless cups and saucers can cost around $55 in good condition, the light blue transfer for some reason is not the most popular pattern. And it doesn't come in the biggest prices but it is a pretty color and very desirable to some people. This plate will range it has a line in it and its condition is not very good in the back you can see it, it has some discoloration and cracking it's priced in the $30 range. They can go anywhere from 20-$65 depending on the condition and the pattern in her the age. This is a relish dish in the blue has a few problems with the discoloration but the price range is around 35-$45. Fairly good shape this body is taken in the glaze is broken down a little bit but you can see it doesn't have any chips. So it's a pretty nice piece. So the other thing I have here is a little example of a cup plate in the light blue transfer. This is $15 cup plate, very pretty plate it has some glazing, some issues with glazing under the glaze, but overall no chips pretty little plate.