Advice for Brown Transferware

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Holding there value these pieces in my experience of showing that they do hold there value and they do increase in value. Some more so than others right now during this time it's very noticeable that brown transferware which a number of years ago was not very popular. It has become more popular and it's a supply and demand so the price of increase in brown transferware so that's something to take into consideration when your thinking about starting a collection. Right now it's really expensive to buy brown transferware and I'm talking good transferware, transferware that isn't damaged. So I'm going to show you a couple of examples of brown transferware this pot which is in fairly good condition with a few minor chips you can see on the inside which I would consider are fairly minor. The pot on the inside looks very good it's a flowerer design very early a very nice pot and this pot would range in the 300 to $400 range considering it's condition. So in today's market that's a lot more than it would of brought say 5 years ago so the brown transfer is increasing in value.