how to Use the Stitch Witch on the No Sew Table Runner

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Hi I am Terri Turco from Expert Village and now we have got to my favorite parts, Stitch Witchery. It really is one of my favorite products because it works and it makes things look so professional. First what you want to do is to measure your Stitch Witchery. So basically we are going to go right down the length of the tablerunner and we are going to eyeball it to the very end and we are going to cut it off right about here. Just take a simple pair of scissors and hold them very lightly and just cut that. Make sure that you put it off to the side away from your iron. You never want your iron to touch Stitch Witchery because it will get a little markings on the iron and it could ruin your iron. What you want to do is place the Stitch Witchery between the two pieces of fabric. This is our half flap that is going down and of course the table runner. Make sure to do this slowly and make sure it is really tucked in there and as you fuse the Stitch Witchery just bare down on your iron as you go and it gives a really really smooth finish.