How to Use Stitch Witchery for Making a Table Runner

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Hi, I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village. We are at the last of getting this table runner put together. Now I'm going to show you how to use that stitch witchery. It is really really simple. Now remember we had that five inch opening and as you see we are just ironing this down. What you want to do is pull it tight, when you pull it what that does is really allows the line to extend. So you don't have any bulges and that is where we are going to put the stitch witchery. Okay! So just hold it tight and get a nice straight edge and you get a little thread right here. You can just clip that off with your scissors. That is where we left that opening and one on the other side. Then you just take your five inch piece of stitch witchery bonding as you see I'm going to cut about five inches. We are going to put that in between the two pieces of fabric. Alrighty! Now if you cut a piece a little bit to big don't worry about it all you have to do is tuck it underneath and just make sure that when you have that witchery between the two pieces of fabric. You see this there is your fabric, here is your stitch witchery good to go. You just want to make sure it is totally in there cause it is very sticky and can ruin your iron and I don't want iron anybodies iron. So just hold it tight and the thing about stitch witchery is you really have to hold your iron down. Just let it steam for a minute or two. The proceed and you iron the entire table top. Notice that really clean edge just another thread that we are going to cut. Then you are going to see that as you press this what you are going to end up with is a table top that looks exactly like this with finish edges, and straight. It is a perfect table top done with stitch witchery and sewing. But come back cause next we are and it is going to take you about fifteen minutes to make it. If you are having a dinner party and don't have anything for the table just take a piece of fabric we are going to show you how to do that in few minutes. Do not I repeat do not go away.