How to Remove Extra Stitch Witch on the No Sew Table Runner

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Learn how and where to cut the remaining pieces of stitch witch on the no sew table runner so that it isn't exposed in this free video clip on home decorating. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village. Now you're gonna want to do this the entire length, take your time just move it slowly. Sometimes it will bunch up and it'll twist, that's not a problem you can simply untwist it and make sure it’s underneath all the fabric, pull it taught and iron again. You know this whole process that we're doing right now we're doing this in what less than a minute. I think that's really really fast and wait till you see how good it's gonna look. And we're already at the final third of our table runner. Okay always make sure that it lays flat and if you went a little too long that's okay. What you want to do is you want to cut it about a half an inch, as you see here a half inch before the end, you never want it to go to the end and you’re gonna see why in just a minute we're going to do what they call miter or corner again. Okay, so just move those scissors stitch witchery is out of the way pull it taught as we've been doing right and just really bear down on your iron. Get that little thread out of the way and when we come back we're gonna do our final end and we're gonna miter some corners and after that I'm gonna show you the last bit of information that you possibly need to make a table runner look so professional. So make sure you come back there's only two more steps and we've done that all in less than about ten minutes.