All About Stitch Witchery & Table Runners

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Hi, I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village. We are just rounding up the table runner that we have been making. Now the sewing it actually complete, we have mated our corners and now it is time to turn it inside out. Now obviously that is really simple cause we have that five inch opening that we can really pull this fabric through so easily. As you see we just literally pulled it out and we want to get those corners flat. Now how are we going to pull this together is something called stitch witchery. I just want to take a moment to talk to you about stitch witchery because it is a really great usable. It has been around for about twenty years. The reason that it has been around for so long because it actually works. Now stitch witchery actually comes in packages, it is really inexpensive. It is like two dollars per roll. When you get the roll what you see it is a fusible that comes in about a half inch length as you see here. Now this is really a great item to have because it fuses fabric together when you can not sew it or when you are trying to put a opening together that should be closed. But you don't stitch it. We are going to continue after the table runner is done with a completely no sew table top complete with stitch witchery that is all we would use is stitch witchery. I'm going to show you how easy it is. But just knowing any of your fabric stores that is where you get it. It is the notions department. Notions that is accessories for fabric okay. Stitch witchery either come in sheets on a roll or it can come simply in the packaging by it self. So just remember when you want a really great fusible something that is inexpensive it works. It is machine washable and cleanable stitch witchery is the way to go. That is not the name of the brand it is simply called stitch witchery. Now when we come back we are going to stitch witch the closing and we are going to be done with this table cloth and we are going to go on to the no sew stitch witchery table top. You are just going to love it.