How to Finish the Edge of a Table Runner with Stitch Witchery: Part 2

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Hi I'm Terri Turco with expert village. So then press that corner and then of course we've got another corner because there are two corners on every table cloth. Okay, and then what your gonna do is bring up the end turn it for the triangle again there's that little triangle and bring it back down equal distance. It's always really good to press especially when your working with stitch witchery. Stitch witchery has the ability that you can use it and then pull it back up and remove it but you really don't want to do that because sometimes it does leave a residue. Now you see we've got the perfect corners here as we have the perfect corners at this end. So they are exactly equal. Now what we're going to do is we're going to add the last bit of stitch witchery and as we said before make sure we always measure and then cut and obviously this is a lot easier to do because it's a lot smaller area. See how that works just turn it up again just turn it underneath so you don't see it at all and just fuse and stitch witch. Now come back because we are going to show you the last and final step to have a very professional looking table top. Okay. I know you're going to love it and your gonna make it in less than fifteen minutes total.