How to Sew a Table Runner

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Hi, I'm Terri Turco at Expert Village. We have made it to the sewing machine. We are now going to now sew the sew table runner not to be confuse with the not so table runner. Now this is really simple you are just going to put down the pressure foot. I always hold my thread so it does not bunch up cause it is hard to sew. Never ever sew over a pin so I have taken out the pin. So then you are just going to sew right down and like I said stop when you take out the pins you don't want to ever sew over pins. Now to make sure this is a really straight corner I always just sew right to the end and then I back up the machine. Then I put the needle right in and I turn it. This is called pivoting you pivot the machine needle. Now we are going to start again and to make sure it is a nice straight corner I go back and forth. We are going to go right up to those double pins. Now remember what I said before the double pins are where we are going to leave the opening okay. What you want to do is just take up the needle you bring down the needle right down where we pick up again. You take out that pin and proceed right down again. So what you are going to have there is this line of thread that is a opening but it is going to tell you where you left it open. In case you forget it is a long table runner. You know but mine can wonder. Now when we come back we are going to show you how to take this table runner and we are going to show how to turn it inside out and press it so it looks absolutely perfect. Don't get away cause the next episode we do that no sew and you need to know that. This is exciting to see the no sew it uses stitch witchery. So come back.