Finding Transferware Experts

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Resources for your collection I could tell right in the Shroeder's book in the back of the book if you look it will list contributors but also along with contributors it will list a separate state. It goes by state and it will list the people who are involved in writing this book or have collectors of certain items which is a good place to start. As you go further into the back of the book it will list clubs, newsletters, and catalogs and you can go down those lists and try to find what it is you're interest are in. So I highly recommend looking in the backs of these resource books even if you look in the library and you don't have to buy the book. You can access the resources in the back of the book and contact whoever it is you need to contact. Or buy their book or get the information you want from the back of these books I also recommend that you look on Ebay and any of the internet sources just punch in what particular kind of transfer that you are collecting, and I'm sure you can come up with some information there. Also your local library is a great resource if they don't have the book they could probably order it for you so you don't actually have to go out and buy these books. Although it is nice, people have a habit of just collecting the books too as they are fun as collecting the transferware themselves. So those are some of the resources that you have so I highly recommend that before you even start to look for some of these books.