Making a Table Runner

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Hi I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village and we are in the myth of table runner station here. Now we are making a sew table runner and really this is going to be a table runner that runs in between the plates on each side of the table. It is running the width of the table not the length. So we are going to make a light more table runners to fill the table and put the plates on. So what you always want to do is you have 2 pieces of fashion fabric. You can do one but I highly recommend doing 2 when you are doing the width table runner. Now you always want to make sure that you have the right sides together of the fabric. This fabric is a little hard to tell which one is the right side but since I have been working with it for a while I really have it down. Most fabrics are not as difficult. If you really can not tell which side is which don't worry nobody else would either. So just feel free to pin away. Now the first thing you are going to do is you are going to make sure that your edges are equal and you are going to start pinning. I want to make one note about the edges; you see this edge right here this edge has be serge it is not a raw edge. What raw edge means is when you cut out fabric and it is just basically still very fraying. This is a raw edge as you see here.