Tips for Buying Restored Transferware

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An important thing to consider when your buying transferware because of it's age and because it is porcelain and pores you want to make sure when your inspecting a piece that it has restoration that you can see it. In the fact that to know that if you buy a piece such as a piece like this talking about teapots if you buy a teapot you have to think about whether or not you want to use this teapot or just display it. If it has restoration to it it's not something that you can use anything that has been restored cannot be used for drinking out of or eating out of. So that's a consideration when your buying a piece that is already restored on the other hand if you find a very rare or unusual piece a historical piece or a piece that has a great value, that has a little chip or it has a line that is disfiguring that you want to restore there's nothing wrong with having that restored. It does enhance the piece not necessarily enhance the value but it doesn't hurt the value the only consideration is to know that you can not use it for cooking or eating out of. So that's a consideration when your buying when you buy a teapot if you think you might want to use it at any time do not buy it a restore piece. Buy a whole piece and if it has a few chips on the spout well you still can use it if it hasn't been restored. So that's one consideration another consideration is for resale value to buy the best piece you can possibly buy that doesn't have chips or cracks in it. Even though that's difficult in today's market it can be you can still find it and you'll pay a premium price but you'll also get a return on that time. So those are things to think about when your thinking about buying pieces that are chipped or need restoration.