All About Sewing a Table Runner

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Hi I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village and first of all we are going to make a sew table runner. Now there are going to be 2 different methods I'm showing you in this video today. We are going to do sew and no sew. This is the sewing portion. Now table runners can really be as wide or as thin as you want them. You just really need to decide what dimensions you would like. Now a lot of table runners are about 18 inches wide that is pretty much the standard issue table runner width. This as you see is a 18 inch wide table runner. But for the sake of our sew table runner today I want to do something that goes across the table. So it can be a little bit thinner because we are going to make 5 of these in total. Not on the video today cause I know once you seen it once you know how to do it. But we are going to make these about 9 inches wide so when they are sewn they are going to be about 8 1/2 inches wide. Okay! What you are going to see here we are going to cut out not one but 2 pieces of fabric. Because I do want these to be lined. When we come back I will show you how to pin together, I want to show you a little finishing on the ends and then we will go to the sewing machine. Which is so exciting I know that you would just be sitting in your seat waiting to come back. So join me in just a brief moment we are going to pin and sew.