How to Find Resources & Books about Transferware

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Your resources and books general books like Schroeder's antique price guide will have some information it will give you the basic information about where this came where these dishes came from and from where they originated. And a very small information on listings of prices it will give a general on each one each pattern and how much a 6" plate will cost you. Like it might say in a reference book like this a 10 X 14" platter similar to this mulberry and it will define what pattern it is and it will tell you the price range. You can get a little bit out of these books but you won't get a lot this is one place to start but then as you make a choices you might find that buying books specifically to your collection, one example might be to buy this book "flow blue china" the encyclopedia. Which is a good book and you would need to do the same thing there's books put out for mulberry, theres books put out for brown transfer, and the red transfer. So I would highly suggest that you go out and either go to the library or go to the bookstore and take a look and see what's out there as far as books on these. There are collectors books that you can buy off the internet and Ebay as well so I would definitely look into acquiring some of these books, in a specific area that you choose to collect.