How to Iron the Sewn Table Runner

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Hi, I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village and we at the final stages of sewing the table runner. Cause we are going to do a no sew in just a minute. But we want to finish up here. Now the very first thing you do before you turn this table runner inside out is you want to really clip all those extra little pieces of thread when you where sewing before. You are also going to want to clip your ends. The reason that you clip the ends is that you really get rid of a lot of extra bulk that way. Now after you clip the ends and you have taken off the extra thread at the corners, the best thing to do to make a table runner really lie flat is open up the seams. You really do this in anything in sewing. Side seams should always be ironed open. It is going to make it look a lot more professional and as I said in the past the best thing about sewing to make it look professional is the ironing. It is not even the sewing. When you clip your ends what you have is really perfect lighter corner. That is really taken up all the bulk and making almost look like a V right there. That is what a miter corner is.