Tips for Repairing Transferware

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Learn how you can repair cracked, discolored and chipped transferware in this free video clip. View Video Transcript

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When buying these pieces there are some things that you can do to increase the value if your are willing to do a little bit of researching work. Some of these pieces that have discoloration around on the glazes can be worked up so that it can be lighten to a certain degree. I have heard of a number of different remedies or you can have someone do it professionally, this is not going to take away from the piece. It will only enhance the piece if you want to do the work they use a certain kind of bleach to bring this brown crackling in the glaze up. And to clean it up that can be done some people like to leave it just the way it is but in buying you want to make sure that when you buy that you don't buy a piece that is totally discolored. I'm trying to see if I have a piece that has a lot of crazing on the back this piece right here has a quit a bit it has crazing it does take away a little bit but not a lot in the value. I've seen a lot worst but just to give you an example of the color the difference in the color, you like to find a nice clear color if you can. But that can be remedy that can be fixed, the other things we talked about the restoration of chips and cracks can be done it's very expensive so you want to make sure the value of the piece is works and restoring it. It is expensive you can pay hundreds of dollars to have things restored and you want to make sure that your increasing the value of the piece. And not just adding money into so I would highly recommend that you don't go and buy a plate in mulberry that has a lot of cracks and have it repaired. Because it's not worth the value of the plate so those are some recommendations I can tell you so buying cracked plates and lesser inexpensive transferware and thinking about restoring is not a good idea. Restoring a small little chips on the spouts or handles of a really nice piece might be well worth your while so those are some things to consider in cracked or chipped pieces.