Introduction to Growing Mexican Honeysuckle

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Hi, I'm Travis Steglich with Steglich Farm Supply in Bartlett, Texas. I'm here with Expert Village to make some cuttings actually some root cuttings of what it is called Mexican honeysuckle. It's perennial here in Texas and it's Texas native one of the deals about it is these blooms have an opened up. But you can see that they are in orange color an orange is a fairly rare color especially in the perennial area. Giving them kind of sheltered corner on the south side of the building this stuff will live and spread in soils real well. What we're going to do is go down here and basically take up some of the plant like so. You can see it has plenty of roots on it and there are several clowns here, we'll be able to separate like this and so we'll be able to get several plants out of each one of these that we dig.