Choosing & Planting Peach Trees

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Choosing & Planting Peach Trees - Provided by eHow
Knowing what to look for when buying peach trees for your garden is very important to their success and growth. Learn how to choose the best possible peach trees for your garden in this free horticulture video from a veteran gardener. View Video Transcript

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Today we are going to talk about how to pick out and plant a good peach tree. This particular variety right here does not need a cross pollinator. So you can get just one peach tree of this particular variety and you will get fruit. You don't need two of these like with an apple and a cherry and a pair, you need two to cross pollinate. This one is self fertile. It looks pretty good, it's not too many bare branches, just a few here but you can just trim those off. When planting this guy you want to plant it in full sun and you want to dig your hole about twice the size of this pot right here. And you want to put a bag of top soil in and around the sides. And pack it in real good and water it in, watering it for the first season is very important. We water ours at least twice a day. I recommend you water yours at least once a day to get its optimum growth. This one is going to get about fifteen feet tall and about eight feet wide in probably ten years or so. So you want to give it enough room to get that big. And just don't forget to water it, full sun, and water it. And it should be good to go.