Best Location for Perennial Flowers

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When you get ready to plant your bulbs in the early spring, your perennials especially, site selection is more that just saying you are going to just plant them in the ground. How much sun does it get? Are you going to be able to water the thing? The sun situation is probably the biggest mistake that people make. These Day Lilies say right on the front of the package, it says full sun, and don't be fooled to be thinking you can plant this thing in the shade and it will be alright because it gets a few hours in the morning. This Dahlia is the same way. It says full sun, but the Peony over here talks about full sun to partial shade. Full sun is at least six hours a day. Partial sun you would cut that down to four hour range. A shady area would get less than two, but generally speaking where you plant them has everything to do with how well they're going to perform and whether or not you are going to have them the next year. The Elephant Ears that I've got in here they'll work pretty well in some shade, but they would rather have the sun too. If you plant your bulbs, in an area that they are suited to, they will be able to multiply and come back next year. If you don't, you may not even see them the first year. They will be poorly grown and not well established enough to make it through the winter.