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Today we're talking about perennial bulbs. Why they're worth planting, and how you go about getting some good ones. Perennial bulbs are generally flowering bulbs that you can plant one year, and if you take care of them and keep the grub worms out of them and things like that, they'll come back year after year, sometimes even naturalizing and increasing in number so that they can be divided and planted in different locations. A perennial bulb is one that can be left in the ground. It doesn't have to be dug up and brought inside like so many of them do in order to make it to the next year. Plant it in a decent location where the ground doesn't freeze just solid, and they'll make it from one year to the next and like I said, possibly even increase in number. Perennial bulbs are a source of some of the most beautiful flowers that we have, like day lilies and peonies and dahlias, which are some of the bulbs that we're going to be talking about today.