The Myth of "Pure Seed"

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The Myth of "Pure Seed" - Provided by eHow
Pure seeds are not always useful for backyard gardeners who don't need authoritative families of vegetables. Learn about growing pure seeds and getting into seed saving from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So a lot of people don't get involved with seed saving, because they're concerned about the problem of cross-pollination, or they think that you have to have pure seed. And well, people are used to going to the store or trusting "the authorities" for their materials and resources. However, I want to make the point today that you don't really have to be so concerned, especially in the backyard garden. For a seed company, if you get off-types, say of a beet or a corn, that could be a disaster, because they're relying on the advertising and the claim of "pure seed". However, in a backyard garden, if you get a few yellow beets with your pink ones, or a few pink carrots with your orange ones, that may not be a liability, it may, in fact be a blessing. When you throw the genes into play, whether it's with the squash or the tomatoes, you sometimes come up with some miraculous results. So I'm not going to brag about this "squmpkin", however, how do you think some of these remarkable varieties evolved? Originally these evolved out of the selected crosses, the random crosses I should say, of genetic material, which certain people back in history found desirable, interesting, beautiful or tasty. And they were special enough for them to save and to preserve. So again, while it's important to observe the principles of purity and self-pollination versus cross-pollination, just because you don't have the ability to isolate or hand-pollinate your cross-pollinating crops, doesn't mean that you can't try growing their seed. And you can always do a test, and if your test shows that you've got what you wanted, or something that's desirable nonetheless, well, that's interesting and it might even yield some remarkable results!