What Is a String Bean Plant?

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A string bean, or green bean, is often planted on a string so that it will vine around the string. Start growing string beans by planting it outdoors after the last frost with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening tips. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to answer the question: what is a string bean? Now a string bean is just a green bean. And it's called a string bean because it grows as a vine. And many times it's grown in the garden on a string. So they'll just put a stick up with string onto that stick, or a pole, called pole beans as well. And then it'll vine up the string, and then eventually produce these wonderful string beans, or green beans. So they're easy to grow, as long as they're in a sunny spot. And a string bean is related to sweet peas and many other vining plant. And you can start it by seed in the spring, or you can plant it right outdoors after the last frost. But it's an easy plant to grow. Now a string bean can be eaten raw. The trick is just to cut off the ends, and you can eat it raw. Or you can barely boil it and then eat it, or blanch it. And it stores really well when frozen too. So the way to freeze them is just boil them for just one or two minutes, turn around and put them right into the freezer. And then that way they'll hold and they'll stay crisp, so that you can eat them all winter long. Now they're called snap beans as well, because when they snap open, they make a noise. So you know when they're ready to harvest because they're growing, and they're very green, and you can see the seed pods barely developing. They're not too big yet. When they get really big they start to break and they get kind of meaty so they don't taste of good. So as soon as they get to that snapping stage they're ready to harvest. Now String beans are a cold climate vegetable. So if it gets over eighty degrees outside they'll quit producing vegetables altogether. So make sure and grow them in the spring and just let them go until they quit producing and then trim off all of the vegetables. And then many times in the fall they'll kick back and give you more. So string beans are a really neat plant to have in your vegetable garden.