Prep Baby Greens for Salad

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Cutting stems and washing organic vegetables is an easy process for home growers. Learn to prep greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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OK, over here we see these stir fry greens and they are pretty clean. They were living well above the soil line, so you can see there's not much, not much dirt on them. So all I'm going to do to preserve, to prep these for the wok, is take off these stems. These are sweet and if I didn't have a bunny, I'd probably eat them myself, but the bunny will make good use of the stem matter while we can enjoy the incredibly luscious leaves. Now this isn't for everybody. There are people who wouldn't tolerate this kind of a cleaning method. But again, in an organic system I'm not really worried if theres a microscopic particle of dirt on my stir fry greens. Probably give me a little extra nutrition anyway. You can see we have a beautiful mixture here of kale, arugula, semposai, collards, swiss chard, that will make a lovely snack.