Cutting & Grooming Hostas- Part 2

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Okay this is a fairly large plant here and what we need to do is we need to remove, disbud some of these leaves so that when we have the plant not trying to push out energy into leaves and focus more on the root system and rooting for when we actually want to transplant it. So the technique that I am going to do here is I am going to cut back some of these bigger leaves but I am going to look to leave some of these smaller leaves that are coming through. I am going to take off all of these large ones and cut these back. I am going to leave a few of these younger leaf plants and I am going to show you what I am going to do with them after I get a few more leaves cut off of this nice clump of Hostas here. Hostas really do love the shade and they add a lot of brightness to a shade garden and texture to because you can see the ribbed leaves here; how they are kind of puckered. They are really not noted for their flowers although some do have nice flowers but they are mostly noted for their leaf coloration and texture. So what I am going to do to some of these that I still have left on the plant to minimize evaporation, I am actually going to cut the leaf in half so that it is only half the plant. I am going to trim that down just like this and I am going to do that to several of these leaves here. The reason why I do that is that it kind of tricks the plants to think that it is still in its full state of liveliness but here again we wanted to send energy into the roots so that it could push up new growth and also just not go into shot. Once we dig that root system there, there could be some wilting. We are trying to minimize the wilt that may occur.