Tips for Seed Saving: Start Small

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Start your heirloom garden small with a conversation piece or old favorite. Learn about growing heirloom seeds by starting small from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So you want to become a seed saver? Well, we have a couple of tips that we can offer you as a beginner and how to get started. First of all, start small. Don't try to save everything the first year. I know you love the brussel sprouts, and the corn and the beans and the squash but start with something that's self pollinated like the beans, and the tomatoes and the peas, many flowers are self pollinating, lettuce and so forth. Start with the ones you really love the most and with the ones you can't get from a seed catalog. The ones you would be thrilled to give to your friends the ones that are delicious, unusual, anomalies, even weird. Start with something, start with something that'll make your friends perk up at dinner parties and take notice. Start with a conversation starter. Or something that makes the best dessert or ravioli in all of creation. What else should we keep in mind in terms of seed starting? Start simple, don't get overwhelmed, save what you love, save what you would most love to gift, (be generous with them when you get them) and thank you. Gift generously, share them around. It's so easy to save a thousand seeds, in fact it's no harder to save a thousand than it is to save a hundred. So, if you save a thousand seeds, you can gift all your friends, you can swap, you can send them to other continents. We've actually been sending tomato seed all around the world. Heirloom tomatoes that we've saved and native adopted. We've now sent them to four continents.