How to Know When to Plant Sunflowers

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Sunflowers should be planted in April and September when the temperature doesn't drop to freezing at night. Plant sunflowers with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from the and now we're going to learn about how do you know when it's time to plant your sunflowers. There's different ways that you can plant your sunflowers, I like to have a late crop and an early crop. On my early crop, I actually start the seeds indoors. I just put the seeds into a seed starting kit, I just put my little seed starters, with dirt, put some seeds in them and I'll start them in April, in the house, I don't put them outside until it warms up, and they'll start sprouting, I have a sunning window in the kitchen. Once they start sprouting then later I plant them in the ground. My easy rule, for pretty much all the warm climate or plants like sunflower that need to be planted when it's a little bit warm, whenever we have our first week of seventy degree weather, is the time to plant them. You know when the climate changes or when the time changes and that it doesn't get so cold at night anymore, that week, when the nights stay a little bit warmer, is the week to plant them and then you can plant them straight through until almost the Fall because they don't take a lot of time between planting and blooming. I've known a lot of my friends, and even when I was researching on the Internet, you can plant them through August into September and they will come up and a lot of times. In climates where it doesn't get so cold in the Winter, they'll be blooming by November and December, which is always great. So, you can plant them almost any time of the year but the best time is when it's not freezing at all, at night. When the frost have broke and it's starting to warm up just a little bit and that way you can guarantee that you won't loose your new seedlings. My rule of thumb is, the later the better. The later that I plant them, even into July, it's seems like the better that I do. These are blooming into September, if I would have planted them earlier they would have probably been more lanky and wouldn't have filled out and might not have bloomed as well. So, I've found, the best time to plant them is when it has warmed up just a bit and there's no chance of frost and you know that they're going to grow right away.