How to Get Rid of Mice

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Get rid of mice by removing food, water and shelter, putting out tamper-resistant bait stations and using wind-up traps that are spring loaded. Check mice traps on a daily basis to eliminate an infestation of mice with advice from a wildlife pest control... View Video Transcript

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How to take care of nuisance wildlife, rodent and pest problems? This is Edward, Critter Control of Tampa Bay. How to get rid of mice? They're in my house, they're outside, they're every place. Getting rid of mice is a task. You have to understand mice like, they have to have food, water and shelter. If you can eliminate; mow the lawn, clean up the yard, that will help to eliminate their shelter area; much of the food area. Don't let any standing water stay outside. It's not just mosquitoes are keeping away, it's the mice also. They need water. You'll eliminate some of the rodents. In addition, you can use tamper-resistant bait stations. Make a tamper-resistant; get a good heavy duty one. Put your poison inside; lock it in place on the pins that are given to you. You can put trap inside the bait station. You can use a wind-up to eliminate the mice. They go inside, it's spring loaded, they end up inside; you can actually check it on a daily basis and eliminate them there. You can use several of the different traps that are made for mouse. There's over thirty two hundred registered patents on different mice traps. You can't make a better one. If you can, get it registered, that patent offices open. This is Edward, Critter Control in Tampa Bay.