Planting Spring Gardens: Transplanting Peas

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When transplanting peas for a spring garden, don't forget to add compost to the soil. Transplant peas to a spring garden with the tips in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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We're here planting peas again in the early spring garden at Laughing Dog farm. This time we're pushing the envelope and we're not planting seed as is traditionally planted. We're actually trying to transplant peas. And here we have a little pot of hoop house growing peas, the variety being duel, a shelling pea grows about 3 feet tall, should make real good use of this fence. The barrier of entry will be surviving these transplants because they're not used to being so treated but we're going to give it a try and water them in and hope for the best. And if you don't take risks like this, well then you don't run the risk of succeeding so we're always trying to push the envelope. You see that, that just might make it. Oh we shouldn't forget the all important compost addition. Probably it would do well with out it but since we're pushing the envelope we want every chance for success. So we're going to tuck these into this extremely fertile bed, trying to plant the most robust ones. Maybe plant a few extra to make up for inevitable mortality. Going to plant them in, obviously a hot day like today is not the best time to be transplanting peas however with dusk coming on we have the advantage of the cool night and I'd say we have a 60 40 chance of success. And if we succeed think of the head start that these beautiful robust seedlings are going to give us.