Determine the Best Way to Use a Soaker Hose

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Use a soaker hose in a way that encourages your plant's growth. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Now the first thing with a soaker hose and with many of the irrigations is to blow them out, clean them out. If you have used them before it's definitely a good idea. I will hook this up. I have got a filter on there and I hook this up and the end is open. I am going to turn it on and this will blow any stuff that accumulated over the winter or what not, just get it running. Then turn it off and to close this up if you didn't buy a premade one, just fold this over, got a radiator clamp, tighten that up. So this you would lay out after you have planted a row of something. You can wind it around different plants. Things don't have to be straight in the garden. And again the advantage to this is it can be buried. I am not going to show that here but then you turn the water on and watch it come oozing out. Left on top of the surface it will water a couple of feet, three feet wide. Buried, that would be good for if you had just seeded something. If it's buried it's just going to do a very narrow strip and then water deeply. I see some of it coming out now.