How to Keep Mice Away

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In order to keep mice away, it's important to get rid of conditions that are conducive to mice shelters, such as litter, debris and firewood. Find out why keeping a house clean can help to keep mice away with help from an instructor and specialist in... View Video Transcript

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How to keep mice away? Another good question. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. Keeping mice away, mice are there because of food, water and shelter. If you're going to eliminate one, two or all three of those then you can keep the mice away, they won't want to be there. Outside, the conducive conditions, the amount of leaf litter, debris around the house, the firewood pile. You've trimmed the trees from the winter, now you got a big pile of leaves and trees, that's great shelter plus it's going to deteriorate and that's food. So, you're going to eliminate those conducive conditions, it attracts the mice in the first place. So, after you've done that, what else can be done to keep the mice away? Clean, scrub it down, wash things. A dirty environment is nice for animals, they love it. It starts the food chain, the bacteria, the small critters, the bigger critters, you got mice, you got rats, you don't want any elephants around. You gotta keep the mice away so by improving and getting rid of the conducive conditions, improving your own environment, not having the leaf litter around, not having real thick mulch, getting rid of the old railroad tiles that you use for landscaping, not providing them shelter or food or water. That'll help to keep the mice away. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.