How to Grow Rock Cress (Arabis)

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To grow rock cress, or arabis, start a plant from a cutting or seed and cover it with dirt. Rock cress plants have clumped green leaves and small pink or purple flowers. Find out more about how rock cress grows well in rocky crevices with information... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to learn all about how to grow Rock Cress, or Arabis. It's a beautiful ground cover that's found in Europe and in California. So the California Rock Cress, it is only moderately frost hearty so it can only go down to zone seven to zone ten and it's found in the lower altitudes and it makes a nice clump of green leaves and then little pink and purple flowers in the spring. They love to be in rockeries or crevices and they will not be overrun. They just kind of take over and there's so many different types and colors. They're just gorgeous. Now the Wall Rock Cress, or the Arabis caucasica is actually much heartier than the California variety. They can go down to zones four to ten. And they're found all over Europe into the Caucas Mountains, so they're very hearty and much stronger in the hem...colder climates than the California variety, and they also make a dense cluster of thick foliage up to six inches high and they have little white flowers with little gray green leaf rosettes and then the beautiful little pink and purple flowers. So just a really pretty plant. You can start Arabis or Rock Cress from a cutting or just take a little piece and cover it with dirt and it'll grow, or start 'em from seed in the spring. And whether it's the California variety or the more heartier varieties, they're really a great addition to your garden.