What are Asexual Reproduction Bulbs?

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Asexual reproduction bulbs are plant bulbs that clone a piece of their genetics to produce another plant, instead of needing to be pollinated by insects. Learn about asexual reproduction bulbs, like daffodils, with tips from a professional gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. In this segment we are going to talk about what are asexual reproduction bulbs? Now a flower bulb is any plant that goes dormant in the Wintertime or even in the Summertime or any part of the year. For example the daffodils come up and bloom in the Spring then they die back in the Summer and the Winter and there is nothing there is just the bulbs under the ground so how do they reproduce? It's very simple actually the clone themselves. What happens is this is the momma plant and she doesn't need a daddy plant to make a baby so she can clone herself. It is called asexual reproduction so what happens is part of the genetics of the mother plant will go into the baby and make a baby plant and believe it or not humans actually do it too in one certain instance. So when a mother is pregnant with twins and they are identical what happens is the first baby was created through sexual reproduction and that baby clones itself so the baby is split into two separate eggs and what happens is they have identical genetic makeup so they actually reproduce themselves asexually. So identical twins are actually asexally reproduced just like a flower bulb or garlic. A garlic clove will eventually grow into its own clove so it is very easy for bulbs and rhizomes which are just like irises with the long tuberous roots, they just grow more roots. They don't always need to have any kind of sexual reproduction. All of their genetic makeup is in the cells of the mother plant. It is quite amazing. Bulbs can also reproduce sexually but not by the bulb it is by the pollen. What happens is that a bee or a hummingbird can come through and get into a little flower and take the pollen to another flower and they'll take the two DNA's and they'll mix and create a new seed pod and that new seed pod will eventually drop and create its own bulb sexually that is going to be different than the mother plant. But the asexual reproduction is not different than the mother plant because the babies always are cloning the mother and that way they can reproduce and make more plants easier and they are not in need of other plants in their area and that is how they survive.