How to Eliminate Mosquitoes

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Eliminating mosquitoes requires getting rid of their breeding grounds, which can be any standing water in a pool, a bird bath or a well-soaked plant. Create an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes with information from a Florida state-certified pest... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Mark Govan over at ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. We get a lot of questions asked how we eliminate mosquitoes. Well eliminating mosquitoes is a pretty tough job to do for anybody but we can control the damaging numbers of mosquitoes that are in and around the home. Number one, eliminate the sources where mosquitoes can actually grow and develop. Those are areas like standing water if you have a pool or something where the water is not being used, maybe a birth bath, empty those out on a regular basis, a hanging tire, drill holes in the hanging tire from underneath to drain that water through the tire itself. Plants like Vermilions that actually hold water on the inside of them, limit the water to underneath the plants so you don't get that standing water inside the plant that allows mosquitoes to breath. Another thing your potted plants, don't allow the potted plants to catch water in the catch basin under the potted plants. Water the plant, let it drain out and then put it back where it should be. These types of controls will help to eliminate the number of mosquitoes in and around the home and if you use a misting system on the outside of your property the misting system that will actually kill mosquitoes. It may cost a few dollars to actually get that set up but once it is set up you can eliminate the majority of the mosquitoes from in and around your home. I'm Mark Govan from ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida hoping you have a pest free day.