How to Grow Ivy

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Growing ivy involves maintaining it to prevent it from spreading and killing everything in its path. Grow ivy with tips from a professional gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vaveen from and we're going to learn all about how to grow ivy. It's a beautiful plant that's been around for years but there's a lot of rules that you should follow when you grow ivy. Ivy is a gorgeous plant in the garden, it's so beautiful, cascading from planters or along a walkway or in a rock garden or in a rock wall. They always remind me of weddings because you always see ivy hanging off of the bride's bouquet, they're just a beautiful plant. What a lot of people don't realize is that a lot of the ivy's, especially the larger ivy than this, this is a smaller ivy, the larger English ivy's are pretty much taking over a lot of the forest of the Northwest. What happens, if I were to plant this ivy in my garden, right into the ground, I would be ok because I would probably take care of it and I'd make sure that it wouldn't grow up the trees and make sure that it wouldn't take over the yard but that's because I'm taking care of my yard, sometimes. If I were to leave it in my garden and then move and someone moved in that didn't really take care of their yard very well, what would happen, this ivy would take over my whole entire yard. I would come up that tree, it would climb up this tree and it would eventually kill everything in my yard and there'd be nothing but ivy left. Ivy's a beautiful plant but use it with care. Nobody wants to have ivy grow up the fence and eat out the fence and have nothing left of the fence and then you have the issue of just ivy everywhere. It does, it grows, it kills trees, it kills all the plants it comes across. So, it's a beautiful plant but you have to make sure, if you do introduce it to your garden, that you're going to be very careful that it doesn't get into any natural areas or go into the trees or, worst yet, do not let it near your house because it will actually climb up the walls and eat into the walls. I had a neighbor, when I lived in Portland, that it went through the wall and it was all the way inside of her living room and she didn't do anything about it because she just thought it was a pretty plant but, eventually, it did eat the wall and we had to put a new wall in. So, it is a beautiful plant and I know this segment's on growing ivy and there's beautiful ways to grow it. It grows great from a fence, if you can keep it contained, it's great to use if you're a florist or from bouquets hanging out of the bouquets but it really is a plant that needs to be cared for. They're easy to transplant and easy to plant, they're just a set of roots. They really don't even need dirt, they will grow in the air, they're a plant that grows off of other things so they'll actually grow onto a tree and just eat the tree away. All you need is the tiny root and once you have a tiny root, it will grow and grow and grow. It's a beautiful plant but like other beautiful plants, it can become invasive so just use a little bit of caution. Put it in a full sunny spot, keep it in containers, don't put it near the house. Ivy is a beautiful plant and you should use it in your garden because it is so beautiful and it is so traditional and it makes hanging baskets or it makes containers just so elegant, with a little bit coming out of it. Use it with care, as you should with many other garden plants because it can become invasive.